An exhausted woman with her head resting on the desk in front of podcast editing project.
Podcasts are key to content strategy.

Editing podcasts sucks!

Media Club manages the unseen, tedious parts of podcasting—like setup, editing, distribution, and more—so that you can enjoy the fun parts, and reap the rewards.

A Dedicated Podcast Team
Never Miss an Episode Release
Delight listeners. Grow your business.
An exhausted woman with head resting on desk in front of podcast editing project

The Typical Podcast Lifecycle

(Stop us if you've heard this before.)
“We’re Starting a Podcast!”
Start recording
Start editing
Record more
“Woah, I’m spending hours editing.”
Fall behind
Fall further behind
Guest cancels
“This isn’t working...”
Podcast Abruptly Ends
Skull and crossbones indicating an abrupt end to a podcast production.
A thin line representing a timeline that becomes progressively more chaotic as podcast production problems increase in complexity and severity.
Guest cancels
Fall further behind
Fall behind
Record more
Start recording
"We're starting a podcast!"
Start editing
“Woah, I’m spending hours editing.”
“This isn’t working...”
Skull and crossbones indicating the abrupt end of a podcast production

There’s A Better Way to Podcast

You’re the Pro

You're an expert in your field, so focus on honing and sharing that expertise. We'll make sure you sound like a million bucks.

We’re Here to Help

We're podcasting experts. Have a question or idea? Not sure if it's achievable? Collaborate with your Media Club team to get it done!

Just Press Record

Or don't. We can do that for you, also. Whether you send us audio, or we record for you, sit back while we do the rest.

Say Goodbye to Production Stress
Say Hello to Your Media Club Production Team

What Our Clients Say

Media Club did exactly what we needed them to do: the behind-the-scenes heavy lifting to ensure smooth recording and distribution while we focused on establishing Homebase as the leader in smart-building automation.

Blake Miller, CEO of Homebase

With Media Club’s help we launched our podcast 4 years ago, and they’ve delivered exceptional work week in and week out ever since. They’re a valuable extension of our internal team.

Leigh Adams, SVP, Marketing & Communications Director at Country Club Bank

When it comes to podcasting, consistency is the name of the game. Media Club got us up and running, and ensured every episode went out on time. That consistency paid off by highlighting our expertise and opening the door to new partners and investors.

Laura Good, Head of Marketing at Homebase
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Here's the Process

Step 1

Let’s Schedule a Call

There's no pressure here. We want to learn about your goals, needs, and podcasting pain points.

Step 2

We’ll Develop a Plan

Based on our conversation, we'll create a few podcast production plan options specific to your goals and needs.

Step 3

Podcast Stress-Free

While you focus on sharing your expertise and growing your business, we'll make sure your podcast gets done.

“Media Club has been instrumental in the development and production of our podcast. We’re consistently thrilled with the finished product and continue to gain momentum week after week.”

Scott Lute, VP of  Digital Marketing at Country Club Bank

Are We A Good Fit?

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Do You Already Have a Podcast or Committed to Starting One?
Do You Want to Maintain Consistent Publishing?
Are You Tired of Dealing with the Frustrations of Running a Podcast?

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We want to hear all about your podcast goals, needs, and pains. If we both feel like there's a fit, we'll create a few production plan options specific to you. Then we start making some magic together!

No pressure, just here to help.

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